The cost of the paper cups

 If you want to making paper cups,you maybe want to know the cost of paper cups.In our opinion,it is difficult to tell you the actual cost for each cups.
The cost of the cups are decided by the following items:

1.the paper cups size are different(4-200oz),

2.the paper material size are different (180gsm-----500gsm),

3.the printing on the cups
Here is one way calculating the cost

1.You can get 100 same size paper cups,then weight the 100 cups weight
     (for example the 100 cups weight is 500g. One cup weight is 5g.)

2. Paper material price: one-side PE coated paper,for example, 1300USD/ton,

3.One ton paper can produce the cups pieces:  

 (For cutting square paper to cup-fan-wall and cutting the bottom,will waste about 15% per ton.) 

    1 ton=100 00 00 g,

    1000000x0.85/5=170000 pieces,

    so 100 cups cost is about :1300/1700=0.76 dollars.

 4.This way not including cost of pre printing , pre cutting, the workers' salary, Etc.