Useful information of paper cup business invest


Useful information of paper cup business invest

Are you new one in paper cup business ? Please take your time to read the following informations :

Before Paper Cup Business . You should Learn :


1.           Material : Single(one) Side PE Coated Paper , Double(two) Sides PE Coated Paper .

2.          PE coated : Polyethylene film coated

3.         Single side PE coated paper : only one side of the paper coated with PE film,to make inside appearance smooth, bright, and not easy to leak.

4.        Double Sides PE Coated Paper : Both of the two sides are coated with PE film, to make each side smooth and not easy to leak.

5.       Paper Weight : Unit gsm, gram per square meter . 200 gsm paper mean 1 square meter paper weigh 200 gram.

6.       PE Coating Weight : 1 square meter coated PE film weight, 12---24 gsm,

7.       PE Coated Paper Weight : single side PE coated paper weight (raw paper weight + PE coating weight) ; Double sides PE coated paper weight (inside PE coating weight + paper weight + outside PE coating weight)

Paper Cups Name :

1.       Name against the material: Single side PE coated paper cups, double sides PE coated paper cups

2.      Name against the size : 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 7oz, 8oz, 9oz, 12oz, 16oz, 18oz, 22oz, 24oz, 32oz, ... etc. {OZ : Ounce . It is a weight unit. 1oz = 28.34 g , that means 1oz equal 28.34 ml water weight(1oz cup capacity is 28.34ml).}
WE name 3--18oz paper cup, 20--60oz paper bowl , 60---200oz paper bucket , Also Higher Paper Cup (cup higher than 130mm, but the bottom is under 75mm)

3.     Name against the usage : Hot drinks cup,such as coffee cup, tea cup, by 1 PE coating paper cup. Cold drinks cup,such as coca-cola cup, beer cup, by 2 PE coating paper cup. Ice-cream cup, by 2 PE coating paper cup.

4.     Remark : for hot drinks and ice-cream can use single PE cup and double PE cup ; for cold drinks best use double PE cup,