How to choose paper cup machine

 First, you should do some research about your market.

Paper cup is a fast-moving consumer goods. Do some research near your local city, including ordinary paper cup size, cup paper grams, how many colors logo or picture printed,by flexible printing or offset printing. To compare which quantity is large,market paper cups or advertizing paper cup.

Then to confirm your target customer. Who is your target customer? Are you want to sell your product to your local city, near you local city or even to export ? You should know you target customer’s custom and habit.

For example, if your target customer in China, or in India, you need normal paper cup machine, it just can be used making 1 PE paper cups .Chinese and India people like hot tea,coffer and water.So, 1 PE coating paper cup machine is popular in Chinese market and India market.

If your target customer in Columbia or Brazil, 2 PE coating paper cup machine is your right product. 2 PE coating paper cup machine alternate name is ultrasonic paper cup machine, because when paper cup forming,it should sealing by ultrasonic.

People like cold coke,ice cream and cold water in Columbia and Brazil. The raw material for ultrasonic paper cup machine is 2 PE coating paper, it should not leak when there is condensation  outer paper cups.