DJCQ850 High Speed Punching Machine

DJCQ850 High Speed Punching Machine

 Briefing introduction:

JCQ850 High Speed Punching Machine,the introduction of automatic punching style cutting technology, at the production of paper goods,paper slitting, cutting and clearing of waste together,minus the traditional process of cutting aspect,direct punching to the sample,and incision of samples is smooth,greatly reducing the energy cunsumption and human resources,reducing the labor intensity of workers.

 PLC micro-electric control system and LCD visual man-machine interface applications,implementation of the whole work process utomation,therough the interface dynamically displays the machine parameters of working conditions and fault,implementation of intelligent operation,as well as electro-optical tracking and automatic compensation implements the feeding smoothly,positioning accuracy,collection of paper neatly,it is an ideal equipment for the disposable paper bowl and paper cup.

Machine's working conditions

environmental temperarture:-1 - 35 >air relative humidity is less than 85%
the fluctuation of power supply and voltage do not exceed 10%
surrounding medium,non-flammable,corrosive materials,and non-violent shock.

Main technical parameters

Technical specification


Cutting style

punching style(for roll paper)

Cutting speed


Applicable base paper specifications

125-350square meter roll paperwidth range  360-850MM

Diameter of roll paper


Speed of feeding paper

>35m/min(intermittent work)

Compressed air

0.2mm/min, 0.5MPa

Length of guide roll surface


Main power


Total power




Main size(length*width*high)


Electrical box size(length*width*high)