ZBMQ-D automatic roll Die-cutting machine

ZBMQ-D automatic roll Die-cutting machine


1, Features:
According to our company’s research about the demands of international market, this machine integrate with the features of automatic roll die-cutting machine at home and abroad, which offset the disadvantage of tearing papers as well as high price of this machine on the market. Especially it fits small and medium paper cup and paper bowl processing factories for it can serve seven paper bowl machines. Under the demands it could change knife moulds easily for punching various sizes and complete fan piece or paper piece, only by one person.

2. Work Principles:
firstly, putting the materials in required position by turning the roller which controlled by the sending paper motor. Next, stepper motor controls the roller to work as preset width of paper piece. Then, through the workbench, the paper piece is cut by knife mould. Finally, the output motor delivers it to the required position.

Principal technical data:

Indentation cutting area: 800* 290mm (the size and width for custom-made)

Suitable paper weight: 80—800g

Speed: 80-180 Strokes/min

Electric Power: 4KW

Weight: 1.8T

Overall dimensions (L*W*H): 3200×1500×1800mm